Lighting installation method of spotlight as basic lighting

The installation of spotlights can be divided into three categories: concealed installation, exposed installation and guide rail.

1、Concealed lamp

Concealed spotlight is to embed the spotlight evenly in the ceiling, which can keep the ceiling fresh and exquisite, so that there is no dead corner of light source in the space. It should be noted that this lighting method needs to be embedded into the ceiling, so the ceiling needs to be reserved in advance. In addition, the ceiling of concealed spotlight is generally 5-7cm thick, so the height of lamps should be controlled within 7cm.

2、Surface mounted lamp

Surface mounted spotlight is a kind of lighting lamp with ceiling to ceiling and downward light. There are certain requirements for appearance presentation. We should not only select the light, but also consider the appearance value of the lamp itself, and try to "turn on the light and turn off the light in a style".

3、Guide rail spotlight

If there is no ceiling in the living room, what should I do? At this time, the guide rail spotlight can be installed. As long as a guide rail is installed on the ceiling, it can shine in all directions flexibly, and the position and light projection direction of the lamp on the track can be adjusted according to the actual needs. There are small and large guide rail spotlights. There are many specifications to choose from, and they can be disassembled and moved at any time, and the direction and position can be adjusted at any time. The guide rail spotlight can shine on the wall and illuminate the desktop. In the study or corridor, the guide rail spotlight can also be used to illuminate bookshelves and paintings.


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