Business Ethics and Compliance

At ALUDS Lighting, our Purpose, Values and Principles (PVPs) are the foundation for all actions.

Insisting on doing the right thing is what makes ALUDS Lighting so special.

If you have business ethics and compliance questions or concerns related to ALUDS Lighting, you can contact the P&G Greater China Compliance Office at

Greater China Project Partnerships and Sales

Here is responsible for cooperation services for brand chains, hotels, offices, restaurants, real estate / mansions, etc.

Here you can conveniently get information for various project needs.

Overseas Trade Department

Information about overseas cooperation you can get from here conveniently,

we will provide you with excellent service.

Production base in China

Here is meant to produce high quality lamps and lanterns to meet your project needs,

welcome to visit and guide.

Enterprise WeChat

If you need other ways, you can also add our WeChat communication,

we can also serve you with complete service.

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