Guangdong aluz lighting industry Co., Ltd

We are aluds aluz lighting

We were founded in 2009. We are in Guangzhou / Jiangmen / Hong Kong We are the of the world

We are a lamp R & D and production factory and a lighting design company. We have unique understanding and application ability of light and have a strong optical / lamp / lighting application R & D team. We help customers develop and customize unique lighting scenes and lamp products

But more importantly

We are professional lighting consultants who fully understand the connotation of customers' brands

We mainly serve large chain brand commercial customers, high-end hotels, luxury buildings and shopping malls

We are committed to

Help customers establish a lighting environment matching the brand image

Help customers establish industry-leading lighting environment

Help customers study how to manage the lighting of chain brand stores

We are an authoritative and professional international lighting art design organization;

We have a first-class lighting design service team; We are full of excitement in the field of lighting art

Passionate and professional team; We provide lighting design in commercial field;

We master cutting-edge lighting design techniques and professional lighting development, manufacturing and landing capabilities;

Lead the direction of China's commercial lighting industry;

Promote the growth of design, technology R & D and manufacturing of China's commercial lighting industry;

We believe that the efforts of ourselves and our customers can create the future, and we are passionate about it;

Every product, design scheme and engineering project of aluds lighting will become high-quality products;

Every customer of aluds international lighting will be the real promoter and promoter of China's commercial lighting industry

We are aluds

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