How to play the spotlight in order to play a good effect?

1. Arrange the shading area reasonably

The shading angle of lamps and lanterns has been mentioned above. To make effective use of spotlights, you can also manually adjust the angle of spotlights and change the light direction according to your usual living habits. Arrange the usual work, reading and leisure places in the shading angle, and turn the lamps from direct lighting to indirect lighting.

2. Lights wipe the wall but don't shine on it

Avoid shooting lights perpendicular to the wall, so that the light refracted by the wall may stimulate the human eye. The light should be rubbed to the wall and cabinet, and the wall should be washed down to get more soft and uniform light, which not only has the feeling of raising the ceiling, but also reduces the sense of occlusion of the space.

3. The lamp shall be separated from the lamp by at least 0.8-1m

Most of the walking paths of people are 0.6m apart, and the distance between lamps is at least 0.8-1m. In this way, from the moving line of people, most of them are within the shading angle, without glare and reducing the brightness of the space.

It is not very suitable as the main spotlight, but it is not suitable as the auxiliary spotlight. Using it to make a sense of light and dark levels can obviously improve the style of home by several levels.

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