Common misconception: you may be biased against spotlights!

Myth 1: narrow beam of spotlight

Spotlights give the impression of a narrow beam and are often described as like a flashlight. This misunderstanding is actually a lack of understanding of product types. At present, the beam angle (luminous angle) of spotlight has developed very rich, and there are many wide light distribution products, ranging from 15 °, 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, and even 120 ° and 180 °. Even if used alone, it will not be exaggerated. (Note: the larger the beam angle, the more scattered the light; the smaller the beam, the more aggregated the light)

Myth 2: all spotlights glare

When you look directly at the light source, you will find ordinary lights dazzling, not to mention the special spotlight for spotlight? However, now many spotlights have anti glare treatment, which can effectively prevent glare. In addition, according to living habits, arrange in a suitable place and adjust the angle to avoid directly facing the light source, which can also reduce the occurrence of glare.

Myth 3: the utilization rate of spotlights is very low

There is no right or wrong in choosing lamps, only appropriate and inappropriate. The lamp selection needs to comply with the use preferences and living habits. If the utilization rate of a certain lamp is very low, it may not be suitable for this space. Therefore, some people think that the utilization rate of spotlights is low, which is actually a bias. If you choose the right space scene and purpose, the utilization rate of spotlights will not be low at all.

Myth 4: spotlights are difficult to maintain

Today's LED beads can work 50000 hours, longer than fluorescent and incandescent lamps, and cheaper to replace than circular tubes. The frequency of LED brand maintenance will be greatly reduced.

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