The lighting quality of museums and art galleries needs to be improved urgently

Museum lighting and art museum lighting are different from sad lighting places. They should not only meet the requirements of audience viewing comfort, but also give more consideration to the protection of cultural relics and exhibits. Lighting manufacturers should not arbitrarily design and produce. They should have a degree of grasp, not arbitrarily give play to subjective consciousness and artistic creation, and not pure artistic expression at the cost of damaging cultural relics. This is the biggest difference between the lighting of museums and art galleries and other venues.

With the free opening policy of museums and art galleries, the threshold has gradually moved from the minority to the public. In particular, there will be long queues of visitors to museums and art galleries on major festivals, winter and summer holidays every year. Due to the influx of ordinary visitors, the museum lighting is not only to protect the exhibits, but also to ensure the audience's psychological needs such as visual comfort, safety factors and senses.

Therefore, the difficulty comes. We should not only ensure the light effect, but also ensure that the light will not damage the exhibits. Although the LED light source is a cold light source, which is much better than the traditional halogen lamp, it is still worried that the long-term use will affect the exhibits. After all, many of these exhibits are made by famous experts, and some are representative works of China's 5000 year splendid culture. Therefore, it is very different from ordinary store lighting in design and production.

We believe that the lighting of museums and art galleries is a difficult lighting design field. The development of museums and art galleries abroad is not synchronous, and the types and forms of exhibits are also different. In the west, optimization and statues are the main display forms, while China's unique red theme revolutionary history display and general history display are also very rare abroad. The types of exhibits such as silk fabrics, ancient calligraphy and painting, ceramics, bronzes and so on have Chinese characteristics. The number of art galleries abroad far exceeds the number of museums, while the number of museums in our country is far greater than that of art galleries.

High quality lighting for museums and art galleries: first, meet the first demand for the protection of exhibits; Second, Manzhu's demand for the visual comfort of the audience should comprehensively reflect the subjective and objective design of the lamp manufacturers to the audience; The third is the technical requirements for the restoration of the color and authenticity of the exhibits. Finally, it is emphasized that the lighting of museums and art galleries is called the transformation of light. In order to really and effectively change the current situation.

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